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What Do YGF Members Do?

All Kinds of Games


While we focus on PVP games, we also try to play all the latest RPGs and FPS games. When we started taking video games more seriously, we dabbled in eSports competitions. You can still find us at a local competitions. Lately, we mostly spend our time sharing our PVP videos with the world, talking about tactics and the rules of the road to make gameplay better for all of us.

Bringing the Game to You


I stream my gameplay every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm PST. You can follow along and ask questions about why I do what I do. I also offer a service where I will play along with you, helping you gear up and become an all-around better player.

About Me


I can't remember when I didn't play video games. I still revisit some of the classic games for speed runs and a nostalgia kick. On the rare days when I'm not streaming, I like to get out to the basketball court and try new  places with friends.

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